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Still running your business the old fashioned way?

The complete automated solution from improWEB

Spending hours making each sale by:
  • Making out manual quotations
  • Phoning to confirm stock availability
  • Placing orders at distributors
  • Sorting out payment details
  • Driving around to get products delivered
With the incredible improWEB solution you can have all these tedious processes automated.
Making out quotations and placing orders with the improWEB solution is fast, efficient and effortless.
Unable to have a great e-commerce website as:
  • You can’t keep up with rapidly changing products and prices
  • You can’t maintain product images, descriptions and information
  • You have unavailable stock displaying on your website
  • You are struggling to check payments and make deliveries
With improWEB you can have your own customisable e-commerce website.
All product images, stock levels, descriptions & prices are maintained and updated automatically by your integrated distributors. You can also make use of our integrated payment gateways and courier.
Losing clients or money because:
  • You can't offer all the services they need 
  • You do not have enough time to spend with them
  •  You do not keep accurate records of all work done
  • Your clients are waiting for you  
improWEB Helps you to get and keep more clients and build relationships.
People and company's buy form people they know and trust. Therefore improWEB has spent many hours to build tools to help you build trusting relationships efficiently.
Frustrated with your marketing strategies as:
  • Feedback is limited
  • You don't have time to create marketing media
  • You can't keep track of responses
  • You don't know which ad campaigns are successful and which are not
  • You can't offer rewards effectively
With the improWEB marketing tools you can wow your prospective clients and get results.
The improWEB marketing philosophy is tried and tested and will save you time and money on ineffective advertising by giving you the tools to target the right people and get results.

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a great up to date, website with current look and feel, functionality and product range. I really like the site now and can now be proud to start marketing again. Please also extend my thanks to the designer who did this and the management. I'm glad I'm part of this team.
Brian - Rzarecters

1 22% of offline sales are influenced by viewing the sellers website
2 customer satisfaction is 12% higher for online sales compared to offline sales
3 44% of all PC's are sold online!

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The improWEB website was created using the improSITE template and is kept up to date using the improWEB tools.

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